The design project for Fast4Fit revolves around capturing the brand’s core values of attitude, creativity, full colors, and joyfulness. The design team aims to create packaging that is not only visually appealing but also reflects the brand’s commitment to using natural ingredients and promoting a healthy lifestyle.


The team is exploring vibrant color schemes and playful graphics that convey the brand’s joyful and creative spirit. They are also experimenting with various materials and textures that enhance the tactile experience of the packaging.


In addition to the aesthetics, the team is focusing on sustainability and eco-friendliness. They are exploring options for using recyclable and biodegradable materials, as well as minimizing the packaging’s carbon footprint.


The design has the Experimental Jetset’s style, showing the ingredients used in the juice, leading to a sentence that identifies it, while also reflecting its commitment to natural ingredients and sustainability. The packaging will stand out on store shelves and entice consumers with its bold and playful design, ultimately helping the brand to grow its market share and reach new customers.